This Week at POUMC:

Sunday September 8   

    8:30am                   Adult Sunday School

    9:30am                   Worship and Classes

    3:00pm                   Stafford Suites Worship

Monday September 9

    6:00pm                   Girl Scout Leader’s Meeting

    6:00pm                   Trustees Meeting

Tuesday September 10

    10:00am                 Women in Mission Meeting

    5:00pm                   Girl Scouts

Wednesday September 11

    12:00pm                 Kiwanis

    6:30pm                   Youth Group

Thursday September 12

    1:00pm                   Book Study Discussion

    6:00pm                   Praise Team Practice

    7:30pm                   Choir Practice

Friday September 13

    5:00pm                   Girl Scouts

Sunday September 15   

    8:30am                   Adult Sunday School

    9:30am                   Worship and Classes

    4:30pm                   Sunday Afternoon Live

Save the Date:


September 22

9:00 Worship Bring stuffed animals or large figurines/statues for display use in worship

2:00pm Blessing of the Animals

September 29 Potato Harvest Celebration


If the vines of your potatoes have died, wait two weeks, then harvest--be careful not to hurt the taters! Store them in a cool, dark place until you can bring them to church, but weigh them on your bathroom scale first. Sept. 29 we'll add up the weight, enjoy a potluck celebration, and deliver the haul to South Kitsap Helpline!

October 1 Picture Day


Sign Up Now for the new updated pictures in our directory. Contact the church office or see Lane on Sunday.