Sunday Worship

9:30 am

Sunday morning is the highlight of our week. That is when we come together in fellowship to praise God. We take the time to express our love for God through prayer and song and our love for each other through coffee fellowship and conversation.

We employ a variety of music and art to help us use all our senses to experience the presence, grace, and wisdom of God.

Port Orchard is blessed with a Bell Choir, a Vocal Choir, a Praise Team, and a variety of musicians, guest artists and soloists.

Touch and See Worship

Tuesdays 6:30 - 7:30

This 60-minute experience is Multi-sensory, Interactive, Meditative, Conversational.

It is planned for adults but has kid-friendly options with a finger-food potluck. (Anyone is welcome to bring a bag of chips, cookies, grapes, etc. to share.)